Crazy Stone has made a huge step forward by combining Deep Neural Networks with Monte Carlo Tree Search.
The new Crazy Stone employs Deep Convolutional neural networks as a replacement for the pattern database and has produced a significant improvement in strength.
The new program has scored a winning rate of over 90% against the previous program Crazy Stone 2013 !
We have provided 20 levels of play (13k-7d) for all the board sizes.
Crazy Stone has improved not only in strength, but also in his style of play and the lower levels are perfect for the average players.
20 levels of play for each board size (9×9, 13×13, 19×19)
Human vs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)
Computer vs Computer Games NEW
Handicap games, variable options of Komi
Hint (suggest)
Instant Undo (available even when the computer is thinking)
Automatic territory calculation
Japanese / Chinese Rule
Suspend / Re-start games
Save / Load game record in sgf files
Automatic and manual replay of a game record
Highlight the last move
COM resign feature
Two types of Board and Stones NEW
Byoyomi games (Timed games)
(You will not be able to select computer level in timed games)
Analysis Mode (Move list, Histogram, Record analysis)
You can analyze your current game and also game records saved in sgf files. Some screen-shot samples of the analysis mode are shown below.
Required configuration
OS: Windows® Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10 (32/64bit)
CPU: 2GHz dual core processor or higher
Memory: 1GB or more
HDD: 200MB or more
Monitor: Resolution 800×600 High Color (16bit) or more
When you play Crazy Stone Deep Learning for the first time, your PC must be connected to the internet for activation by serial number.
(This process will only be required once and we will not obtain any personal information.)