Terms of use
1 - Service
Unbalance offers web-surfers a download PC game buying service over the Internet.
2- Pricing
The price of each downloaded PC games is set by Unbalance for each game and given to the Surfer prior to his purchase order.
3- Price Changes
Prices can be changed at any time by Unbalance. The price applicable to each order is the valid price at the time of the order.
4 - Payment
Payment is made by Paypal prior to downloading the game.
By proceeding to downloading and payment, the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of sale for all games purchased regardless of version, including eventual new versions. It is understood that no physical support is offered for downloaded games.
5 - Access to the service
Downloading service is assured by Unbalance except during periodic maintenance and server updates, or in the event of an accidental interruption of service.
6 - Compliance - Responsibility
The game is considered as the application of the game itself including all appurtenant files: Installers etc…. The customer agrees to use the game in compliance with the conditions and rules in force. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the compliance of the downloaded game with his computer and its programming. Unbalance cannot be held responsible for improper use of downloaded games or their compatibility with the customer's computer equipment. In any event, Unbalance's responsibility is limited to replacing defective games. In no instance shall Unbalance be held responsible to for any costs or damages whatsoever to anyone.
7 - Territory
PC Game Download service offered by Unbalance is residing valid only in the country where the game was downloaded.
8 - Intellectual Property
Downloading and payment for PC Games confers an individual, non-commercial non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to the customer for the games purchased only. The customer agrees to respect the author's copyright on downloaded games, which remains the property of their authors and producers. Consequently the customer is not authorized to modify, decompile, translate, adapt or copy the downloaded games in any manner. The customer agrees not to reproduce, cede, give license for or make use of the downloaded games for any commercial purpose on any platform. The customer may make copies of the game on a single personal computer for their personal and private use, as well as copy the game to a CD for personal non-commercial, storage. The demo version of the game may be used without restriction with the exception of abuse or theft which could cause prejudice to Unbalance or the producers and authors of the game and with the provision that it not be altered in any manner. This demo version cannot be used for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of Unbalance. The customer agrees, in general, not to modify or damage the game in any way, be it through modifying the title, trademark, or property rights attached to the downloaded PC game in any manner.
9 - Cancellation
Unbalance reserves the right to terminate all relationships with the customer in the event of a violation of these provisions, notably in the event of non-payment, or violations of intellectual property laws.
10 - Protection of personal information
Customer information collected by Unbalance shall be treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.
11 - Competency - Applicable law
Any dispute arising from the application or interpretation of these conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive competence of the Commercial Court of Japan, under the Japanese law.