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Feed your fish, and change the backdrop of your tank etc. It's simple and a lot of fun to take care of cute tropical fish.

Your tropical fish will grow a little each day … and Viewing your fish is really healing and you will feel happy.

Let’s try to take care of your tropical fish

When your tropical fish get hungry, touch the surface of the water to feed them.

Collect medals

You can receive medals once a day.
You can earn more medals depending on your level and the fish you have.

Increase your level

Get higher level to increase the number of fish you can take care and the number of medals you can win.

Increase your Shop Rank

Get higher Shop Rank to increase the types of tropical fish available in the shop.

Fill in the Encyclopedia

Once you have taken care of a tropical fish, it will be entered into the Encyclopedia.
Tropical fish that have bred successfully will be marked.

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