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The Backgammon

Here comes the most downloaded Backgammon app for the Windows Store !! Completely FREE!! Play online games against players all over the world, play against the offline AI to improve your skills.

The Backgammon has every feature to enjoy and improve your game.

*Online Games – The Backgammon Quest*

You can play online games against backgammon players all over the world completely free!
The Backgammon Quest provides the features below to make your online games more exciting and competetive:
 Rating system
Ranking table
 Watch other player’s live games
Match against your firend using a keyword
View replays of previous games

*Offline Games*

There are 5 levels of difficulty which should be challenging for everyone. Also we have provided very useful features for beginners to learn and improve your game. Please select the match length and the rules as you want, and enjoy this game of skill and strategy.
Collect medals by defeating computer in the ‘Challenge mode’. We have provided a more challenging and thrilling game mode to test your skills.
The Backgammon offers you the following features that makes the game more enjoyable and challenging:
● Strong Backgammon AI
● 5 Difficulty levels
● Human vs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)
● 6 types of match length
● Doubling cube (ON/OFF)
● Crawford rule (ON/OFF)
● Beautiful boards and piece sets
● Hint facility
● Review mode during a game
● Save/Load game records
● Autosaves your current game
● Dice Statistics
● Saves history of your matches
● Manual dice input (ON/OFF)
● Animation speed (Normal/Fast)
● Show PIP count (ON/OFF)
● Show possible moves (ON/OFF)
● Background music (ON/OFF)
● Remove ads
● Auto-move when forced (ON/OFF)

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